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Title: Dave Mullins

 Can anyone help with the following request for information.


 Gareth Raymont
 Email:  [email protected]

 Dear Sir
I wonder if you can assist me please?
I am trying to trace a retired Marine officer, I think a Lt Col Montgomery.

I served with his brother in the same regiment in the Oman in the mid 70s. Robin, the brother, has unfortunately passed away. But we - the remaining contract and seconded officers from the Jebel Regiment - are in the process of arranging a '40 years on' reunion.

And even though Robin cannot be with us we wished to try to contact his relations. I remember him telling me - again in the 70s - that his brother was either serving at or living near Lympstone. I remember particularly as I was born in Topsham - just up the road.
I do not know whether Colonel Montgomery served with 40 Commando.

Kind regards
Gareth Raymont


Can any member help with locating Tug Wilson who served in Suez 1955 1956 and was a Lt in X Troop. If anyone has any information could you please pass it on to Member Dave Mullins at

email: [email protected]

Or Send Information to [email protected]


Your help with this would be greatly appreciated


Brian Bartlett




Mark Simmons Member 366  

Email:    [email protected]

Hello there.

Wondering if any fellow members would like to contribute to my book on Cyprus.

I am Interested in any yarns, stories etc from 1950's, 60's and 70's also any photographs to my e-mail address, or by post at

Mark Simmons
5 Eddystone Rise

PL14 3OQ






Can you  Help!!!!!!

Can anyone help with information on this man, did you serve with him at any time, if so could you please reply by email to [email protected]


Any help and information would be greatly appreciated


Charles Richard TUFT  RM 12774  (PO 12774Q)

Died  4th June 2012 aged 76

Member of  615 Kings Troop

D.O.B. 2nd December 1935

Joined at Birmingham on 23rd February 1953

Served from 23/2/53 to 24/05/76 when he was pensioned and left the service.

Married to Margaret on 4th August 1956 

4 children (Jeannette, Anthony, Julie and Andrew)


Enlisted at Birmingham, went to ITCRM, Bickleigh and then Eastney. 

 He was posted onto HMS Birmingham on 3rd July 1954 – 24th Jan 1957.

He swapped between RMB Plymouth, RMB Eastney and Loch Ruthven before returning to RMB Eastney. On 13 Feb 1961

 He was posted to Victory until later that year.

He spent some time at Northwood/President until 64 where he returned to Eastney briefly, before joining 42 Cdo RM on 10 June 64.

He served with 42 Cdo RM with a few brief spells at ITCRM until 23rd April 1971.

From then he spent time at HQ Cdo Forces and 3 Cdo Bde HQ & Sigs Sqn until he was pensioned on 24th May 76.

 He was definitely based in Singapore from ’64 to ’71 as his last child was born at Changi Hospital in ’65 (Andrew)



Can You Help!!

Ryan Pederson
[email protected]
My grandfather, Arthur E. Mitchell, Served in the Royal Marines and was at one point part of  40 Commando, during the time when they evacuated Palestine in 1948.

 I am trying to find information about his career as a whole. He passed away in 2001 and I have just recently seen his military record. How would I go about finding information regarding his career? I know he retired in 1967 as a Colour Sergeant, but being in the US Army, I am not too sure of the rank structure of the Royal Marines.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ryan Pederson
Staff Sergeant
US Army

Can You Help:

 MS  Sarah Chafer

 [email protected]

My father Marine Stephen McAndrews served in 40 Commando, and in 1982 fought during the Falklands conflict however sadly lost his life. My Mum and I are looking for anyone that served with him we could meet, as I never met him I would love to find out more about him from people he served with. I am in contact with Rick Jolly and looking to travel to the Falklands for the 2012 Pilgrimage. If you could help in anyway we would very much appreciate it.
Kind regards
Sarah and Dawn Chafer.



Royal Marines George THORN PLY/x 110046


This appeal is for anyone who has any knowledge or contact with my Father (deceased 1994) during his R.M. service 20.10.42 – 14.4.46 at any time of his training or active service on D Day and after. His primary role in the invasion was (as acting Sgt), the coxswain of an LCV (P), B Squadron, Flotilla 805, Gold beach, JIG sector.

I would also be grateful for information of and location of and form of training at his various postings.  I believe his initial training was at RM Lympstone, followed by transfer to ‘F’ Company, then to Camp Llangryn Merioneth, N Wales. Transferred to ‘COPRA’ then to Scotland Loch Fyne, I believe for Landing Craft training.  He was later to take his LCV (P) with a full load of men across to the Normandy Beaches as part of 805 flotilla, landing on Gold beach nr Le Hammel. I do not know when he returned to Britain but he was back at Lympstone in 1945, released in April 1946 as Colour Sergeant. He may even have become an instructor at some postings.

I would be grateful for any information that you can provide no matter how small. 

                           Original Letter and Photograph ref George Thorn RM


Replies Please to    

[email protected]




My name is Bob Kemp and I am wondering if you can help me out on something.

My Gran has just enjoyed her 91st birthday, and after a little party we threw for her she decided to let me in on a long-kept secret, which was that my Grandad had served in 40 Commando during WW2.

Apparently he'd volunteered for it after failing to get his wings to be a pilot (he was colour blind) and went on to become involved in the Salerno landings.

Neither my Dad or I had any knowledge of this whatsoever, but this isn't very surprising as he steadfastly refused to talk about his experiences.

For all these years we (his family) had always presumed he'd been RAF ground crew, so after this revelation we're itching to find out more. Is there any way anyone can shed light on this please?

He had a pretty distinctive name: Robert Lorraine (!) Davidson-Kemp, and I'm led to believe that he joined around 1942. He died four years ago.

Any help you can give us would be very appreciated!

Many thanks,

Bob Kemp (grandson of Robert) and John Kemp (son of Robert).


If you can help please email: [email protected]



My grandfather Sgt A.J.H walter CH3026X  served in X and P troop of 40 commando

I believe from 1942 until 1952. He has never really said much about his time with 40 CDO and unfortunately he has recently passed away, so now the personnel side of his experiences will never be known.

He wanted his ashes scattered at the Commando memorial in Spean Bridge and over the weekend of doing this I visited an exhibition of commando memorabilia in Spean Bridge village. Now I want to know more...............Could anyone point me in the right direction please?. I have his service record but I really want to know where he served / fought / was billeted e.t.c.
Thanks again

( grandson of
SGT A.J.H.Walter
40 RM Commando)

Email:  [email protected]

I was with 40Cdo 
When we first arrived at Burma Camp.
The Padre Ambrose Weeks had to perform a number of Baptism's and
all he had was an enamel bowl,
He asked me if I could help and make something like a font.
With the help of our plumber, Mne Osgood we set about making a font.  
We were very proud of the outcome, we placed it in the chapel, and informed the Padre, when he saw it, he was over the moon.
What I am after is, A photo of the font did any of those christenings take photos
which show the font, if so ! could they please send me a copy.
With thanks.     Ken (chippy) Bryant  [email protected]

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