Once A Marine Always A Marine

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If you have the use of email send a message to [email protected] with your name address and service details. An application form will be emailed back to you. Or download a form from the Membership application page.


1. Membership of the Association shall be as follows:

2. Full Members shall be all those persons who can show they have served with 40

      Commando Royal Marines. ( RM, RN, RA, RE, Etc)    

3. Associate Membership of 40 Commando Association is open to all who have served in HM 

     Forces in units other than 40 Commando Royal Marines and at any time.  The Spouses,

     Widows, widowers, children and grandchildren of those who are or would have, qualified

     For Full Membership of the Association. 

4. A Database or Register shall be kept of those Members .

5. All personal and Service details shall be protected and their security is the

     Responsibility of the committee.

6. Members shall be classified as “Full or Associate Members”.



7. The regulation of Membership shall be as follows:

A. The Initial Application for membership of 40 Commando Association RM is by completed membership application form, to be sent to the Membership Secretary with a payment of the initial Association annual subscription of £10 for Full Members and £7.00 for Associate members plus any donation that may b sent. After 12 months membership each member will pay an annual membership fee of £5.00 payable on 31st January each year.

A Standing order form is available to members on the website at https://www.40commandoassociation.com or by request to [email protected]        

B. After verification of the details a Membership card will be sent to the new Member.

    (Applicants should send a copy of their service certificate to speed up the



Note: Applicants are requested to advise their email address, this will ease the burden of postage as all information can be sent by email direct.